• 19th century French school, in the style of DESPORTES.

    Still life with fruits and a bird.

    Sold 3,690 euros.
  • Charles CAMOIN (1879-1965)
    Charles CAMOIN (1879-1965)
    Femme rousse se coiffant, 1958.

    Adjugé 25 520 euros
  • Emile BERNARD (1868-1941).
    Portrait of a Breton. Pencil on paper.

    Sold 1 235 euros.

    Awarded : 11 000 € 
  • Elie Anatole PAVIL (1873-1948)
    The carousel.

    Sold 3 573 euros.

Old ans modern paintings

France is one of the cradles of 20th Century modern art, starting with the impressionist painters, and the painters of Montmartre. Oil on canvas, watercolor, pastel, wash, print, aquatint, this artistic period is rich in experimentation. Our Ancient & Modern Paintings department endeavors to represent this richness, by offering for sale works by Chu Teh Chun (829,400 EUR), Serge Charchoune, Albert Braïtou-Sala, Pierre Soulages (25,520 EUR), or even Bernard Buffet ...
Department under development in our company, we are looking for our next record in Old paintings: Flemish school, French school, Italian or Dutch, contact us to receive an estimate. Our team, with the support of our experts from Chanois, Millet, and Turquin, will give the best visibility to your works for sale at Hôtel Drouot.
Email us photographs of the works, their possible signature, along with a short description, and we will get back to you as soon as possible at contact@copagesdrouot.com.

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